Luke Luciano

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After joining the PGA of Canada in 2019, Luke joined us at Redwood Meadows in 2020. Luke believes everyone can develop more consistency and lower their scores while still enjoying the game. As an instructor, his goal is to keep lessons simple, never overwhelming students. It’s important to Luke that his students have a clear understanding of the lesson he is giving, and what it’ll do for their game.

He’s a strong believer that setup, alignment, ball position and grip are easily overlooked, meaning they need to be addressed before looking at a golfer’s swing. As a coach, he wants every person he teaches to feel comfortable, have some laughs, and leave each lesson feeling like it was a positive experience.

Luke loves the combination of challenge and fairness at Redwood Meadows, as well as the welcoming vibe from members and their pure love of golf.

What’s in Luke’s bag?
Driver – Taylormade Stealth
5wd – Taylormade Stealth
Hybrid – Taylormade Stealth
4 – PW – Taylormade MC
Wedges – Taylormade MG3
Putter – Taylormade Spider
Ball – Taylormade TP5X

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